Cultivation Key

A: Blue Gum establishment
B: Boom spraying - chemicals
C: Bulldozer activities
D: Chisel Ploughing
E: Deep ripping - single or multiple rippers
F: Deep tillage - [Wallis - Agro Types]
G: Direct drilling
H: Disc Sod seeding
I: Excavator 20 Ton with operator; plus fuel
J: Fencing- Farm
K: Fertiliser spreading - Liquid
L: Fertiliser spreading - Liquid Effluent
M: Fertiliser spreading - solid
N: Fertiliser spreading - Solids Effluent
O: F. E. L / back Hoe - min 100 hp dry hire
P: Frontend loader - 100HP MIN dry hire
Q: Laser grading
R: Misting
S: Mounding
T: Mulching
U: Offset Discing - "high speed discs"
V: Offset Discing Primary - (conventional)
W: Offset Discing Secondary - (conventional)
X: Pasture Harrowing
Y: Ploughing Disc Type
Z: Ploughing Mouldboard
A1: Power Harrowing or Rotary Tiller
A2: Plus air seeder
A3: Rolling-pasture or crop
A4: Rotary draining
A5: Rotary Hoeing
A6: Scarifying First pass - Scarifying Secondary passes
A7: Slashing - 5' > 6' & Flail Mowers
A8: Slug bating
A9: Smudging
B1: Sowing cereals into prepared bed
B2: Spot spraying
B3: Telehandler with Operator - plus fuel
B4: Tip Truck Hire - 8 ton plus
B5: Tractor Hire - 60HP per hr + fuel
B6: Tractor Hire - 80HP per hr + fuel
B7: Tractor Hire - 100HP per hp + fuel
B8: Tractor Hire - 130HP per hr + fuel
B9: Tractor - dry hire
C1: Tray truck hire - 8 ton plus
C2: Trenching
C3: Wick wiping
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Australian Agricultural Contractors Association

Official announcement: The Victorian hay Press Owners Association, 5th August 1944
But believed to have been in existence circa 1942 refer history page on web site.
Then, Fodder Conservation Operators Association Sept. 1956
Then, Australian Agricultural Contractors Association Inc, July 2007
PO Box 1883 Bakery Hill, Ballarat, VIC 3354
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ABN 71 516 754 008 Registered address - 400 Froons Rd BUNNALOO NSW 2731

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