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“We have no problem with contractors who work for less, for whom better to know the value of their work”


  • The ADVERTISERS that pay to bring you the information in the first place
  • The FULL history of the Association from 1942 to 2019
  • A list of some of the costs incurred by REAL AACAInc members.
  • The REAL costs involved in owning a Round Baler
  • Membership application forms for AACAInc currently $90.00 per year + GST
  • The AACAInc Constitution available for DOWNLOAD
  • The lists of ALL financial members.
  • For pricing information please refer to the article in the IMPORTANT INFORMATION section


Please contact a member for a specific quote for your work.

"We have no problems with contractors who work for less; for whom better to know the value of their work"


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P.O. Box 1883, Bakery Hill, Vic 3354

Australian Agricultural Contractors Association

Official announcement: The Victorian hay Press Owners Association, 5th August 1944
But believed to have been in existence circa 1942 refer history page on web site.
Then, Fodder Conservation Operators Association Sept. 1956
Then, Australian Agricultural Contractors Association Inc, July 2007
PO Box 1883 Bakery Hill, Ballarat, VIC 3354
Web site - www.agcontracting.org.au e-mail - info@agcontracting.org.au
ABN 71 516 754 008 Registered address - 400 Froons Rd BUNNALOO NSW 2731

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